If the people should one day desire life,
then fate cannot but answer them,
and the night cannot but be brightened,
and the shackles cannot but be shattered.

And those not gripped by a longing for life
will evaporate into its air and disappear.
And beware, those not torn apart by a longing for life,
of the striking hand of a triumphant nothingness.
It was such that all living things told me,
and spoke to me of their hidden spirits.

If I strive to my utmost,
I pursue the dream and forget caution,
and I don’t avoid the forbidding rocks,
nor the raging flames. …

C-like languages have a problem of overloaded syntax that I noticed while teaching high school students. Consider the following snippets in such a language:

A programmer experienced with this family would see

  1. Function invocation
  2. Function definition
  3. Control flow examples

In my experience, new programmers see these constructs as instances of the same idea: name(some-stuff) more-stuff. This is not an unreasonable conclusion to reach. The syntax for each construct is shockingly similar given that their semantics are wildly different. …


Ramsey Nasser

World famous Commuter Scientist

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