Legacy of Savitri bai Phule

Savitri bai Phule was the woman who fought for the below caste people. That time she stood in front for upper caste people when it was too hard to say anything against them. They used to treat below caste people as animals.

Savitri bai Phule was the social reformer and poetess. For the below caste people or for the woman rights, she did many things. That time only brahmin can get the education and be educated. They used this privilege to demoralise and oppress the below caste people as she knew that education is the best way to break this caste barrier and many other things. So she opened the first school for girls. In which different caste girls can read together. And Savitri bai Phule was the India’s first woman teacher and principal.

That time the child marriage was common in India. So many girls used to become the widow in small age. And according to the religious girl’s remarriage was not allowed. After the death of their husband girls had to get their head shaved. And had to live the simple life.
for get rid of shaving head of girls she did the movement against barbers. Girls had to bear too much harassment from the society, and also from their family. Many times pregnant woman had to abortion forcefully because of girls infant. That time she opened the centre for the woman Bālahatyā pratibandhaka grha. She used to take care of women without any colour bar and racial discrimination. she played the very important role to the developed woman rights in India. she did many works for all community and religion.

once she stopped a woman to suicide and promised that I will give mine to your child. she took that lady to her house and took care of her. she named the child Yashwant Rao and he became the doctor.

Savitri bai Phule used to carry extra saree in her bag because people would throw mud on her after reaching the school she changes her saree. This shows the determination of her and never give up.

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