The Republic of Gamers insignia. My closed room experiment. Logo copyright: AsusTek Computer Inc.

My closed room experiment.

This photograph was taken a year ago, after I had bought my new laptop. I used to read up on articles related to photography, and I stumbled on a pointer that caught my attention.

“Close yourself in a room and take photos of things around you.”

Photography is mostly about how you present your subject. So, this exercise is a bit challenging as it demands that you take a common object and make it “interesting.”

The Setting

On one of these closed room photo sessions, I was trying to capture objects in a dark room with a dim light source (my laptop screen). I felt that such a setting would suit black and white photography more. The experimenting ranged from the mouse, to the books in my room. That is when the glowing logo on the back of the screen caught my attention. I tried a few normal shots of it and it looked like something that can be worked upon.

The Inspiration

As kids, me and my cousins used to play with a point-and-shoot camera. We used to light up a candle in a dark room and try to draw with it. We’d move the camera fast so that the photo would look like a smoothly flowing light. Later on, I realized that these cameras sensed the lack of light in the room and in order to take in more light would keep the shutter open for a longer duration. Since this is automatic, the extent to which you can control the shutter speed is less. But in a DSLR, which lets you tweak the shutter speed, this limitation could be reduced. So, I set about trying this technique on the logo.

Execution and Edits

I started with the extreme left of the frame, leaving a bit of space. After clicking the shutter release, I moved the camera in a small circle around the logo to give it a hazy look and then moved it towards the right of the frame with wavy flicks till the shutter reset.

Remember that, to get the left to right flow in the photo, you need to move the camera in the opposite direction- Mirror effect.

Finally, the editing part on Adobe Lightroom. There was not much editing done on this photo. I just had to crop it a bit since the composition was a bit off with all the movement to capture it. Then I had to touch up using a black brush around the logo and the tail to give it a proper form of the flowing effect that I had in mind.

A little bit of shutter speed control, black and white setting, touch-up with the black brush and cropping, that’s how this photo ended up how it is.