Centra — Ecommerce enabled universal cryptocurrency wallet Debit Card

As we have seen in the past in the photocopying industry in which Xerox was a leading company, slowly the word Photocopying moved away from the collective conciousness of the people and the word Xerox became photocopying which meant less about the company and more about copying in the culture and gained tremendous popularity and recall and became a household name globally.

Likewise, In the trustless blockchain world, where there are many Cryptocurrencies today, and in the not so distant future Centra is poised to replace the word “cryptocurrencies”.

so what did Centra do? to get to that?

Well, Centra just solved the puzzle of using cryptocurrencies in the day to day life.

How did Centra do that?

In the world of CryptoCurrencies there are many coins and many wallets to store them, causing inconvenience to people, also there are issues of Loss of coins due to hacking, exchanging coins in real time etc .currently Cryptocurrencies are used as a storehouse of value or speculation or as an alternate investment asset.

Also in the real world, there are many millions of people who do not have a basic bank account like refugees for example or the under privileged and the poor. also the cost of transactions in some use cases are high.

What Centra is trying to achieve is to address all these multiple problems by delivering a unified solution to the end user.

Centra has launched a Debitcard and Wallet, which is designed in such a way that anybody can convert supported multiple cryptocurrencies in real time to the applied fiat currency of their choice without incurring any transaction costs whatsoever completely free for the users of Centra Debit Card. also multiple crypocurrencies are stored in a unified wallet with an insurance on the wallet and secured against loss from hackers. The Centra Debit Card has a tieup with both Visa and Mastercard to enable it to be used anywhere worldwide.

The Centra Card, could be used as an online mobile wallet, in ATMs, can be used in convenience stores where master and visa cards are accepted it could in tandem be used with with bank accounts or on the desktops as per the convinience of the user

Centra has launched CTR tokens to facilitate easy cryptocurrency conversions and also help spend cryptocurrencies anywhere in the marketplace and the real world.

Centra has launched a cbay.io an ecommerce marketplace like a cryptocurrency marketplace with over 100000 goods ranging from clothing to electronics to enable buy and selling of goods that is accessible to any body with any acceptable cryptocoins on the marketplace or with the Centra card and wallet and with global shipping. so any buyer or seller can get onto the marketplace to close transactions.

What this means is that a person who has a store of crypto currencies can use the platform to buy some goods directly and can get it shipped to a place of their choice anywhere, worldwide. like wise for a seller, if earlier if they wanted some cryptocurrencies, they had to exchange fiat for cryptocurrencies now they can list their products and get paid in cryptocurrencies directly and then convert their crypto currencies to the fiat of their enabled choice unlocking another revenue stream for the sellers. In this way Centra will bridge ecommerce with the world of Cryptocurrencies.

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