Target Coin- A Hybrid Crypto Fund with Guaranteed Bonus Payout every quarter

The combined market cap of Crypto Currencies currently pegged at $ 150 Billion is projected to reach $ 5 Trillion by 2022. so how does one take advantage of the projected crypto currency markets?

The current scenario on cryptocurrencies is just like the wild west with thousands of coins being traded in the cryptomarkets and and the average investor confused between choosing the right coin with potential or lose money to fake coins scammers.

Also the high degree of volatility that is currently being experienced in the widely unregulated markets is simultaneously attracting as well as putting people off the markets who have an appretite for high risk and rewards and a majority of them are in the wait and watch mode.

The move from $100 Bn to $5 trillion will happen when Cryptocurrencies move from the small and growing community of early adopters to the realm of the common people and institutional finance.

Enter, , A Hybrid Crypto Fund with Guaranteed Bonus Payout.

Target Coin whether markets go down or up, will profit from the fluctuations

What this means is Target Coin makes it safer and easier for the investors to invest in the crypto currencies market and profit from it.

Target Coin uses a deployment of a combination of technology and strategy which capitalises on the volatitlity of the markets and delivers values

Also Investors today who view cryptocurrencies as speculation and as a savings and investment vehicle can look at targetcoin giving back 85% of the share of profits back to the investors in the form of a token buyback.and also gives a guaranteed minimum quauterly bonus payout of 0.75%

TGTCoin follows the Net Asset Value business model for its token to increase value over time depending on the performance of the fund.

Hurry up! and subscribe to TGT Coin ICO before it ends on 31st August.