Travelling Soldier

Hoppin in the car goin on a drive. No destination, no clarification, just keep driving along the country side.

Lookin in the left and lookin in the right, what do u see and where do u go

No aim no and no gain, keep hitting the gas all day n all night...

All along the country side and the highways...

See the beautiful ol' houses and the horse barns and the wineries.
I take a left and take a right, all along my path see my ol' pals. The never ending farm trails always keep me amazed.

Am just an aimless travelling soldier, hitting on the road and hitting on the off beaten tracks and mud roads.

My heart is on the road and there I go, keep driving and driving across Plains and mountains. Have no destination, just me and my ol' car. Jamming on the music and hitting on the roof

Pull over by the lakes and the ponds and smoking my cigar and drinking my beer, fishing for some fish, i go where my hearts takes me across

After all am a travelling soldier driving aimlessly to keep me moving and jamming and thats where my heart is, thats where it is, it is on the road and there I go and here I come.