Get the food while still on journey

The Indian railway is known as the backbone of the mass transportation of goods and passengers. Though there are other mediums too, this is the most convenient one for the passengers of short as well as long route journey. There are ample benefits of the journey by train, and hence the majority of the trains are always flooded with passengers.

The railway also tries to match the requirement of the passengers as per the change of time and season. However, there are some problems that were difficult for the department to resolve till the evolution of latest technology and modern concepts. One of such issues was the food availability. The department of railway has been struggling to resolve this problem for a number of years and tried different options as well but there was not expected result.

The food parcel concept:

With the help of the food parcel concept, the department was able to resolve this troubled area completely. The solution to this problem required some ground work also, but with the help of the private players in the area of food parcel service, it can overcome all the troubles. Today situation is such that if a passenger wants to have the food parcel at a particular station say Itarsi station, the service providers have made all the arrangements in advance to have delivered food in train at Itarsi station as and when the train arrives at the station.

The system:

The system behind this service is though much simple; one can understand the role of technology also behind it. There are many restaurants and stations covered by the service provider to have the service efficient and really quick. The food parcel order is taken by the service provider and sent to its subordinate restaurant at the concerned station. The concerned items are prepared in a hygienic kitchen at the local station only. There are different items mentioned on the site, and the passenger can select items from them whether it is a veg. or nonveg. items. As per own choice, the passenger can place the order and make the payment by using a card as well as net banking on the website. In the offline mode, the passenger can also pay by cash. Those who love to enjoy the food and journey, as well as a change of food at different intervals, would love to use this service.

There are various routes where the passengers can use this service. The order can be placed by the passenger himself or even by his friends or relatives. The passenger needs to provide his PNR number to verify the status of the passenger. Once the status is cleared, the order can be placed immediately. Those who want to avoid outside snacks and keep himself healthy can go for this service. There are people who want to go for long route journey can surely depend on this service. The food parcel service has brought a lot of changes to the style of the people they want to move with the railway.