Knowing about the café culture in Pushkar

When I walk for a considerable period of time, I try to find a nice cozy corner for me to rest. A window seat with a cup of coffee and a novel in hand is a nice way to head start things. In the background, I hear the faint noise of some languages that I can hardly recognize. The cafes in this part of the world tend to offer a little bit more. So once again, I went on a spree of exploring the café culture in Pushkar.

The laughing Buddha café

It is located in the center of the busy market street. The Mac and cheese version of this place is a delight. You can also opt for the chocolate pudding, which has nothing to boast about, but it will not disappoint you at the same time.

Out of the Blue

The blue color is painted in and out, they offer roof top along with indoor seating. You have to climb a lot of stairs to reach the top, but it is all the worth if you want to lie down and rest for a while. The menu list is exhaustive, but on a personal level, I would suggest you ignore the Indian dishes and focus on the continental stuff. The lemonade is refreshing and the pizzas and pasta are well cooked at the same time. It is a visit if you are looking for some good food and it has a good Wi-Fi connection.

The Funky monkey café

It is away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, and at the same time not that far as well. It is my personal favorite. The walls are painted in funky colors of various personalities like Michael Jackson along with Pink Floyd. It is one of the most spacious places that you will come across in Pushkar. Along with the routine menu, they have a breakfast menu that gives them a new identity. A sandwich, a cup of coffee along with fresh fruits is all part of it.

Café nature Blessing

If you are looking for better health options and fresh ingredients, then this is the best choice. The presentation of the food is something to look forward to. A few points to consider as part of the café culture in Pushkar is that

Most of them do not have alcohol

Their service levels are not among the top grade

Most of them normally serve vegetarian food

These are some of the top eat out joints or if you are looking to spend your time; there is no better place than these. But this fact may surprise you a bit as the ecatering IRCTC department of Indian railways has gone on to include most of the above mentioned items in their rooster. Most of these cafes are in the process of getting listed on the official website of the Indian railways and from then on things are expected to become a lot easier.