Track live status of a running train

IRCTC has been coming up with new initiatives to make the journey of passengers quite easy. The initiatives are of course technologically driven since there is no aspect of our lives that has not been touched upon by technology. The apps have had an excellent impact on our lives. From cabs to medicines food to hospitality, there is an app for everything. The railways have also launched an app that has solved the woes of passengers by great extent helping them have a comfortable journey.

Spot your train

The spot your train app by Indian Railways has redefined the traveling experience of passengers. Earlier passengers had many issues with trains such as delays and trains not running on mentioned time. Passengers used to leave the station on time and upon reaching used to wait for long hours in case of delays. While minor delays are still acceptable, the problem arises when the delays are too long to be standing on the platform.

In India, the platforms are not supported by proper seating arrangements, and on top of that, there is a huge crowd on a platform which makes long waiting tiresome. The passengers get tired even before the journey starts. The delays might happen because of weather conditions like fog, rains, or disruption of the track. In big cities, people don’t even have an option of going back home and coming back later on scheduled time, as distances are too long to be covered gain and again.

The usage of App

Spot your train app has eliminated all the troubles mentioned above of passengers. The app is very easy to use and can be easily operated by people who are not well versed with technology. One simply needs to feed the PNR number in the box given and tap on search. The passengers will see the result immediately. The app will provide not only information about the current location of the train but also provide the details related to its entire route.

The service can be used either from the computer by going to the website of spot your train or can be accessed through the mobile app. The mobile app is the easiest way of accessing the information about the train. Earlier no one would have thought that one would be able to know the live status of the train while traveling on it. This is as good as getting a live update of sports on mobile. There was an inquiry number for passengers, but it used to remain busy or hanged up. Also one could not deny the possibility of human errors. With the app, these shortcomings were removed.

Benefits of Spot your train app

  • The mobile app offers accuracy of information about timings and route of train
  • Track a train on mobile helps the passengers to leave the station on appropriate time
  • It prevents unnecessary waiting on station
  • The app is helpful for people who are traveling to distant places for the first time
  • It is also helpful for foreign tourists as they require information about the route and junction so that they can de-board the train accordingly.