I’ve spent waaaaay too much time today trying to figure this one out.

Part of an Ionic app we’re developing allows you to fill in various sections of a larger form and it’s been working great — with one exception: the iOS keyboard keeps appearing at the most inappropriate times without selecting any inputs whatsoever.

After scouring what feels like no fewer than a few million links throughout the Internet I eventually found a solution:

<button ui-sref="form.step2" data-tap-disabled="true">Next</button>

In my case, the keyboard was only appearing immediately after transitioning to a new view. …

For the most part, I don’t have many complaints when it comes to Laravel. That being said, every now and then I find myself trying to accomplish something I’d consider to be relatively simple only to keep hitting brick walls.

As handy as it is for the Laravel Validator to automatically generate friendly error messages (turning ‘address_line_1’ into ‘address line 1’ and what such) it doesn’t always give me what I’d like. While I’m sure most people would eventually be able to figure out why on earth a web application keeps telling them that their ‘promo starts at’ field must…

Rob Sinton

Head of Development at Scaffold (https://scaffold.digital). Hailing from Northern Ireland.

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