This article is not about transition from one end of a binary direction to another.
Dan Platt

Well stated, Dan. I respect and appreciate the deep insight you have on the subject. My only point was that, being born one gender, then to psychologically reject that gender, does not solve the gender problem, it only proves that there is a problem. This is because there is no third gender, and there is no neutral gender: we are either male or female. Anything else is merely a rejection of the one or the other.

I sympathise with a person who goes through life with the need to deal with this gender crisis. Societal acceptance of people’s gender rejection does not solve the problem, because the psychological issues remain with the individuals. Thus, the only best route I can envision is an effort to deal with the issue — why does the person reject the gender he or she was born with? — and pursue healing along those lines. Nothing else addresses the root cause and produces the peace and happiness that person needs and deserves. This is because the happy middle ground the person seeks after, a neutral gender, does not exist. The gender rejection issue must be dealt with. It is the proverbial elephant in the room that only grows over time and perpetuate the person’s suffering.