Partenrship and Body Language

If you are into team sport like me and love to compare the “top traits” between basketballand leadership (*), You might find this article (images) very interesting.

Analyzing the latest Cleveland Cavaliers Head Coach, David Blatt and King James, relationship can reveal something very interesting about the connection between body-language, team building, communication, leadership and results.

Some might say, those are only images and can be misleading snapshots in time.
But understanding body language, is not only about what you see or hear.
This is also about what they “don’t say”.
All of it together is exactly what you need in order to understand the situation.

I like it a lot, because this is all about being a TEAM
This is a challenging situation for both of them — And only together they can win it!

(*) when thinking about leadership traits there are several known comparisons –
e.g. being a coach in a basketball team, or a captain in a soccer team, cheff in a restaurant, parent and children, etc. each on of them has its own pros and cons that you can learn from, try to think of each one of them.

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