Using Trello to track Your Monthly Personal Goals

Following my last Post about Setting Monthly Personal Goals, I got great amount of people that were interested to learn about the tools that I am using and how I am managing those goals. So… I am actually using Trello (private board), I chose this because it has access from everywhere (smartphone, tablets, PC, etc.), it is only mine and I can decide when \ if to share it with others (like my boss or mentor) in order to help me push myself harder. it is visual which make the tracking more engaging, at least for me.

I am Actually managing more than my personal goals but also my group goals, it helps me to create the same focus not only for myself, but also for my leaders. as you can see below, I am focusing on October 2013, you can see that I have 4 different areas that Excite me and I am willing to improve. (Branding Internal, Branding External, My Group, Agile) each one of them has its own steps for the selected month.

Here is a snapshot for the whole board, with the goals per month, One thing to note is that I am not moving cards to DONE. The way that I am handling them is by having tasks inside and closing the tasks (see the 3/3 inside) this helps me to know what I achieved in each month. and helps me track my progress during the year.

The Great thing here is that even if you suffer from slow progress at the beginning of the month (because you have tons of other “more important” tasks, you at least remember that you have other tasks that you are missing or want to accomplish. Later before the end of the month you will feel that you MUST do something, this will force you to start progressing with one of the tasks, although it feels sucks to be behind the schedule, it isn’t that bad. At least you are in a situation that you must act and prioritize, you will find out very quickly how many things you are doing that are not as important as you previously thought.

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