When You Challenge ‘YOURSELF’, You ‘WIN’ ...

He knew, that was waiting on the other side of the road , but he was reluctant to cross, claim it his, retain for always, and be contended because the taste of it would worth a battle — a battle against uncountable odds. He could see it smiling at himself, positioned there from a long time but wouldn’t be there forever. He could see how ardently he wanted what’s on the other side and how patiently it had waited for him till now and still wanting him to be on its side before it’s too late. But here, he stood divided — vacillating between his mind and heart. When his heart wishes to grab it and fight for it like a vaillant, his mind denied to be his armour, abandoned him in the hours of need.

Poor Chap, never had he thought that he would come across the road which was this difficult to cross and would have the power to question his strength and faith in his abilities — It made him wait to overcome his fear, brew tremendous confidence and ability to his concentrate power on a single point. In nut-shell, pull himself together to step forward to cross the road ahead because the destination is ‘Priceless’ and a ‘Challenge’ would be too less to pay for it.

Rightly said by someone — “Difficult Road Often Leads To Beautiful Destination”.

Yeah, it is indeed true that “when you challenge yourself, then you get to meet the real you”. When you dare to jump out of your comfort zone, you get to savor the true flavor of ‘LIFE’ — a blend of lonely nights, spicy days, calm evenings, and hopeful mornings. ‘Challenge’, which is a framework designed to see to what extent you can go, to what level you can bend, to what range you can think and let your imagination go wild, to what depth aftermath of “Victory” or “Loss” can sting you. And now, he doesn’t want to avoid this setup, though, nobody is pushing him for this but deep down he wants it. By waging the war against his fear, he wants to take this challenge against himself — Me vs Me .

“What’s waiting for him on the other side is worth an eternal glory”, No matter how badly he is being daunted by the notion of failure or losing hope, but if he can stoke the fire of non-acceptance for “Incompetency”, he surely can win over his “demons” and walk steadily towards his beloved on the other side. So, In nutshell, by recognising his fear, hearing his inner voice to stand up and fight back, never ceasing efforts and zeal to achieve without succumbing to despair, he knows he can get what he wants which is Victory waiting for him on the other side .

‘Victory’ is now ‘Yours’