Daniel Greer: Helping His Fellow Man

Thanks to Rabbi Daniel Greer and others the Rigermans were released from the Soviet Union. They arrived at Kennedy Airport at 9:55 PM, Saturday night, February 20, Ignon Pan Am flight #45 direct from Moscow. This was just days after Leonid Rigerman and his mother, Esther received their exit documents from the Soviet Union and from the LIS. Embassy in Moscow. The Jewish community in the United States was ecstatic at their release.

In addition to untold efforts, by many people, here in the United States on behalf Of the Rigermans — Leonid Rigerman himself risked his freedom on five occasions in his attempt to gain access to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. His last attempt on December 10th was made at the insistence Of Embassy Officials that he appear there in person. (Daniel Greer’s suggestion to the Department of State, that the us Embassy bring Rigerman from his home in an Embassy car was rejected.)

The Rigermans stated in a recent telephone conversation with Daniel Greer, their volunteer attorney, that they were overjoyed at the prospect of reaching America at last. Leonid, looked forward particularly to meeting his 87-year-old grandfather.

Mr. Rigerman was, upon his release, a thirty-year-old physicist who had been employed in Russia as a computer programmer. His mother, Mrs. Esther Rigerman, was born in Brooklyn and married a man who was a naturalized American citizen. The release of the Rigermans followed a meeting between Daniel Greer and Secretary of State, William P. Rogers.

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