Marc Gafni, Serial Sexual Abuser, Resurfaces as Tantric Guru
Matthew Gindin

Matthew. Great article. Are you planning to update the most recent Eros certification that Gafni is teaching? You are 100% correct. Good spiritual teachers help other people find their OWN light. Judaism believes that we are all made in the image of God. Great teachers help people see their own divinity. Thank you for being part of the movement that is working hard to shut Gafni down so he can’t ruin any more lives. As you said it takes a simple google search to read the 30 years of the long and sorted tale of his continued reinvention when he is uncovered anew. As a rabbi myself I’m sick over how he abuses kabbalistic and deep jewish teachings. Also as you mentioned his rabbinic ordination has been revoked yet in his bio on his many websites he continues to claim the status of ordination. Thank you again.