“You often hear a professional career described as a marathon but for passionate leaders, I think it’s actually a life of sprints. Every important role has stretches of very long days, weeks and months — starting a new leadership role, launching a new product, transforming a company — these are all a series of sprints (and some are really long).”

The only thing which pulled me forward, was the realization that my voice within was wrong, I learnt to mediate, to listen, to challenge, and it is this presence of mind, this awareness which brought me out from that damp and dark space to one where I can pull myself out of the doldrums of darkness.

Life is a spiritual practice, like a long meditation. Mindfulness is being aware that during meditation, you are in control each second in time and space. As in string theory in quantum physics, everything is connected. It is important that all sentient beings work towards this kind of accountability for ourselves and the world.

There is always a “space” between stimulus and response. My mindfulness practice has allowed me to expand that space. As a result my reactions to people and stressful situations are much more measured and well thought out than they have ever been before. I am better able to empathize and much less likely to react negatively and say or do something I might later regret.

Create time and space for staff to meditate. Provide a facilitator to those who are new to meditation or just enjoy meditating as part of a group. Office stretches and healthy snacks are a bonus. I should add that I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to see how successful our mindfulness programs have become. It’s a great stress reliever for the 70% of the company the participates. Mediation and stretching not only provides much needed mid-afternoon stress relief, it has connected staff members who seldom have an opportunity to talk and share.

“Leadership isn’t just about running an organization, it’s about inspiring an idea. I believe that great leaders set the direction and empower others — whether its employees, customers, shareholders, local communities, etc. — to move in the same direction.”

Jacob Rupp

Jacob Rupp is a coach, author, speaker, and rabbi. He is the founder of Lift Your Legacy, a community that helps people live a more authentic life.

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