Hello from the Rabbis at Orthodox. As you can imagine, we’d like to think of ourselves as living by fairly strict rules. We wake up early, work all day, do all we can to satisfy our customers, improve our products, market our services, take care of our families, brush our teeth, and then go to bed.

We’re only slightly exaggerating.

Like you, probably, we’ve been staggered by the speed at which the world has changed in the past couple of weeks. Our travel plans have been disrupted. Part of our team is sorta stuck overseas. Two of us are hunkered down in an AirBnB for what looks like a long stretch. (And the other rabbi — not me, believe me — snores so loudly I can hear the noise through two walls.) Our conference plans have gone “poof”. Some of our customer calls have been pushed out. Some of our customers are worried whether they’re going to have a job in a few weeks or months. It’s all understandable.

Thank G-d, we are healthy, and so are our families. We are also glad to be a team that chiefly works remotely, anyway, so we don’t have a lot of professional adaptation to do. We’re used to it. But we’d be lying — which the Orthodox rabbis simply won’t do — if we said that we weren’t alternately upbeat, anxious, bored, excited for our future, obsessed with the coronavirus news reports, and trying, trying, and trying all the time to find green shoots of resolution from the data emerging on the infections and death rates.

Oy! What a topic for a blog. If you’d told me that we’d be writing about such morbid topics two months ago, I’d tell you to go around the corner and see the butcher. It’s an old Yiddish joke. I’m sure you know it.

By the way! Can you believe that Trump guy!?!?!? (That’s another old Yiddish joke. Oy! We make ourselves crack up here at Orthodox)

As the world continues to turn, even through this mess, we’ve been learning a lot about our customers and what they want to do with Orthodox, and our product has evolved accordingly. We’re going to share more about our journey and what we’ve been up to in the past couple of months, because this is an amazing startup experience — even without a backdrop of a global pandemic!

As a sneak peak, we realized that one of the key use cases is actually compliance. Some heavy hitter companies can foot fault sometimes, and they need to make sure they collect every single relevant document for six or more quarters in order to comply with government instructions. That’s been a good learning we thought we’d share with you while we all wait out this mess.

With thoughts from our house to your house, we remain,

The Rabbis of Orthodox

We saw that keeping track of legal and corporate documents was a mess, so we decided to do something about it. It’s called Orthodox and it’s awesome.