Getting every last ounce of Chametz

Rabbis of Orthodox
3 min readApr 6, 2020

Hello, Friends. The Rabbis of Orthodox are — this won’t surprise you by now, but why should it, you’re smart and observant people! — Jewish. We are fast approaching Pesach, or Passover, which this year starts this week and ends next week. We’re excited. It’s a big holiday. Even though we are all feeling cooped up these days, we look forward to the Yom Tov — the good day, literally, or the holiday — and the millennia-old traditions. Including great food.

But first we have to remove the chametz! And not only that, we have to remove every last ounce of chametz!

So what is chametz? As you might know, Passover is the commemoration of the Jews’ biblical flight from Egypt. One of the traditions is that the Jewish people, as they fled Pharaoh, did not have time to wait for their bread to rise. So they ate unleavened bread. You know it as matzah. Every year, Jews around the world eat matzah in memory of this occasion and in celebration of their deliverance.

Well . . . chametz is food that is leavened, contains learned ingredients, or agents that lead to leavening. Before Passover arrives each year, we are supposed to remove the chametz from our houses. That removal process helps us prepare symbolically for the Passover holiday, during which we are meant to have only unleavened bread.

The removal of chametz is a big and sometimes laborious process! And many households take it very seriously. Oy vey! So seriously! There is a lot of tradition that says families are rewarded spiritually when they commit to removing ALL of the chametz from their houses. And they really mean ALL of it. Every last ounce of chametz.

Families are known to go hunting in every corner of their houses for breadcrumbs that might have fallen under couches, for cookie remnants that might have made their way under beds, for crackers that might have ended up in cabinets. It’s a time to be THOROUGH!

Does this remind you of something? Well, it reminds US of something! If you’re the General Counsel or Chief Financial Officer of a company — if you’re in charge of compliance matters in your organization — you can’t afford to be 99% right. You can’t afford to remain blissfully ignorant of 1% of the contracts and corporate commitments that are lurking in email corners or wayward Slack channels. You can’t feel good about doing your job well unless you are in control of 100% of the important documents that the company has generated.

So . . . you can count on us — the Rabbis of Orthodox — to keep your corporate house in order. Our software and tools will find every last document — every last piece of “paper chametz” — and collect it in your beautiful, intelligent dashboard. So you don’t have to worry about your corporate bill of health.

For experts like you, in charge of important matters, 99% coverage just isn’t good enough. We understand that. We’re thorough.

And we’re ready for Passover!

Happy Passover and Easter and other spring holidays to everyone around the world!

-The Rabbis of Orthodox



Rabbis of Orthodox

We saw that keeping track of legal and corporate documents was a mess, so we decided to do something about it. It’s called Orthodox and it’s awesome.