Week 8- Communicate/Objects/Narratives

After the tutorial, I am stuck, so I rethink the meaning of objects, things I collected and draw some mind maps trying to clarify my ideas.

The meaning of object: objects are embodied with memories. That can be said that they can tell stories of particular period of time and evoke emotions. Also, I think they can be seen as a reminder of memories because when people see them, the objects reflect and help people to recall particular events. Also, objects can be used for story telling. By different composition and layout might refer to different narrative.

Therefore, I suppose that I can use collections to tell stories, to remind people about lost memories, things people forget or overlooked.

Looking back to the objects I collected, I think about that why I collected toys and why I am particular interested in them than other objects.

I think it might be because that toys are objects that full of memories. They can be referred as different symbols and tell different stories. All of us have our own memories with toys and had experiences creating stories with toys which makes me (or people) have stronger emotional feelings toward toys than other objects. They recall and reflect the childhood memories and awake the people’s nostalgia toward childhood.

The narrative of toys also remind me of one thing that we all have when we were children but gradually forget while growing up, which is creativity.

Picasso once said, all children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.

So, I decide to remind people of that. Remind people of their childhood, remind them to use imagination like a child, to imagine stories, to think, to be creative.

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