Horror is a genre deeply lacking originality on the director’s part, coupled with a sort of…
Fullname Steve

Well, as I’ve stated in another comment, I actually think that there are still a lot of good horror films being made. But it’s paradoxically harder to find the really great ones because viewers have such a massive array of options to use to watch and acquire movies now with streaming services and VOD. It’s a lot easier for a filmmaker to get a movie out in front of the public, but it’s tougher for the right audience to find a movie now because it’s just one in an ocean of options.

That’s not to say that there aren’t a lot of horror filmmakers who are happy to retread the same old ideas and tropes ad nauseum and collect a paycheck, of course. That’s always been a problem, and again it’s a problem that is amplified by the way movies are distributed now. It’s easier for independent filmmakers to crank out “product” that pads their reel and resume, and sell those movies to fill VOD and Redbox slots. I actually ranted about the idea of horror movies as “product” in a recent piece for Film Monthly over here, but I think that is a whole other discussion of its own.