Meet Rabbi Ginsburgh

Amid their year in Israel, the youthful Ginzburg Rabbi learned at the Hebrew Gymnasium in Rechavia, where he learned Hebrew and started his way to Torah ponder by perusing Ethics of the Fathers, which left an extraordinary impression upon him.

Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

Upon their arrival to Philadelphia, Rabbi Ginsburgh met the Rebbe of the Nadvorna Chassidic tradition, Rabbi Meir Isaacson, creator of the Mevasser Tov responsa, and at 15 years old turned into a baal teshuva. Ginsburg Yitzchak went to the University of Chicago, majoring in arithmetic and rationality. He at that point finished a Masters in Mathematics at the Belfer Graduate School of Science of Yeshiva University.

Rabbi Ginsburgh

At 20 years old, Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh relinquished his doctorate concentrates to give himself completely to Torah study.

Yitzchak Ginsburgh