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Have you seen any advertisements on Instagram lately? I’ll bet you were skimming right through your feed and missed that they were even ads. Instagram is making it easy to pitch products natively within your feed of brunch food and beach photos. And with Instagram advertisements being available internationally for the past four months, we are only going to keep seeing more as the year unfolds.

We sat down with Gene Paek, friend of rabble+rouser and head of business marketing at Instagram for a quick conversation on the social media horizon for the next year. Our conversation centered around two key areas: influencer marketing and advertisements. In this week’s post we share his thoughts and insights on the latter.


Instagram advertising is a fairly new way to reach your audience, but the potential is huge. Unlike many mobile advertising platforms, Instagram has the ability to target its ads to very specific audiences using technology and data from Facebook (its parent company.) With this great targeting platform, pricing on Instagram advertisements has been relatively high, averaging a CPM, of $6.70, and yet the clickthrough rates alone are enough to just try it. Users are two and half times more likely to click on ads than on any other social media platform.

“People in some regions are just learning about Instagram advertising, and it’s our job to educate them. Something I call inspiration and education,” Paek says. “The conversations surround around how Instagram can help target their audience better, driving better business metrics and setting up campaigns to be able to accomplish those objectives.” Advertisers are able to step outside the box of the traditional visual or 15-second video — they have options on creating carousel, photo, or up to 30-second video advertisements. They are also able to include five different “calls to action,” which can include links to the installation of new apps or directly to their shop to buy their product or service.

Make it Instagram-my

“Instagram was very cautious about advertising on their platform. They only let a small number of brands actually go onto the platform to make sure the experience seemed right for the users. Does the community feel jolted by the experience of the advertisement, and will brands see some type of benefit of paying money to advertise on Instagram?” Gene explains. Instagram users are very passionate about what they do. They are the type of users that are more likely to fast-forward through commercials on their DVR and want to see things they like when they want. Instagram is a less is more focused platform. By having a stimulating image or video that is targeted at the correct demographic, the advertisement space is a place a lot more brands will be in the future. “We’ve had over 700 campaigns, and 98 percent of those campaigns have generated significant lift in ad recalls, so it has been wildly successful.”

If you are looking for a way to get in front of your audience and use Instagram for business, it’s time to jump in and see what Instagram advertisements can do for your brand. If you have any other questions about social media advertisements, reach out to us!

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