your daily work
The Fourth Industrial Revolution is ahead of us, it’s just a matter of time…
Youness Idihoum

what daily work?
work robots can`t do? social work?
face it, as soon as robots begin taking over things like cooking or riding a car or even refilling the refrigerator humans will have so many less things to do…
we will have less work and the work that remains is not enough for people to do and survive with money.

and via things like phones or glasses computers will even know when we accidentally lose some plastic and send a cleaning car or something.
or worse, it will begin to beep and try to be the police by not stopping till you clean up or something along those lines. not bad but maybe youre in a hurry and gonna clean up later.
i`m not afraid for this kind of behavior, but my parents are, my grandparents even more.
how are we gonna deal with this?