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Since its premiere in 2014, Power has kept audiences rapt with the saga of James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) and his double life simultaneously running a nightclub and a deep criminal endeavor. The last, 15-episode season of the underworld drama — titled “The Final Betrayal” — will finally allow fans to find out what’s going to happen to Ghost and Tommy — and, of course, the on-again, off-again love story between Ghost and Angela. For its finale, the show boasts some new massive changes and some surprise guests — but there are plenty of questions still waiting to be answered. Here’s everything we know about season 6 of Power so far — including a look at the juicy new trailer.

Is there a Power Season 6 trailer?
The trailer for Power Season 6 is finally here — and it does not disappoint. The sneak peek lets us know that Ghost is clearly still grappling with whether he wants to be the good guy — or the bad guy. From the small tidbits we get, it’s clear he’s certainly still out for revenge — and neither his best friend Tommy or his son have forgiven him for his past transgressions. In fact, they may even be out to get back at Ghost together.

Meanwhile, Keesha (played by LaLa Anthony) is back in a big way, and not only is she also #TeamTommy, but she’s more ride or die than ever. As for Angie? Well, the only hint that we have that she’s alive is one ominous scene where Ghost says “I didn’t kill Angie. I didn’t kill her.” And then we see Angie herself respond: “You will.” Is that really Angie? Or just a dream? Time will tell when Power returns for Season 6.

When is Power coming back?
The show will return for season 6 on Sunday, August 25 on Starz. The sixth season was first announced with a sneak peek in September last year, carrying a message that nodded to the ending of the fifth season: “The situation is critical.” As you might recall, the fifth season saw Angela (Lela Loren) being shot in the chest by Tommy (Joseph Sikora) as Ghost looked on horrified. “Critical” can mean a whole lot — but when someone’s been shot, it’s pretty clear what it means in this case.

Who’s in the final season of Power?
Along with Hardwick and Sikora, Naturi Naughton (Tasha St. Patrick), Michael Rainey Jr. (Tariq St. Patrick), Rotimi (Andre “Dre” Coleman) and LaLa Anthony (LaKeisha Grant) are all confirmed to return. According to IMDB, also returning are Shane Johnson (Cooper Saxe), Jerry Ferrara (Joe Proctor), Michael J Ferguson (2-Bit), and Ty Jones (Jerry Donovan). Starz also confirmed Californication’s Evan Handler, Monique Gabriela Curnen, and Mike Dopud as cast additions.

As for Angela’s fate, Loren will certainly be making appearances in the sixth season. Showrunner and creator Courtney Kemp told TVLine that, “Lela is in season six, but I can’t say what she’s doing.” Kemp re-emphasized that same point to Entertainment Weekly: “Angela’s not dead. She’s just shot.”

Unfortunately, 50 Cent’s character, Kanan, was killed…rather dramatically at the end of last season, so he won’t be appearing in the final season. But he did confirm he’s directed an episode of the final season. He told Deadline, “The last 5 seasons of Power have been an incredible ride for me and all of our supportive fans,” the rapper/actor/executive producer of Power shared.

What will happen in Power after where we left off in season 5?
According to a Starz press release, the sixth season will be fueled by vengeance. After a betrayal from his former drug partner and pseudo-brother Tommy, Ghost is now focused on both success and revenge. “Ghost aims to get even with Tommy, get the Queens Child Project built to consecrate Raina’s legacy, and finally achieve a thriving legitimate lifestyle with no criminal strings attached.” Sounds familiar. Like in previous seasons, Ghost is still hoping to achieve greatness…while the Feds close in on him.

Kemp told Deadline that the fallout of Ghost and Tommy’s relationship will be a major part of the final season. “Think of the dynamic between these two old friends now,” she shared. “‘You made me kill my dad,’ ‘You shot the woman I love, in an attempt to kill me.’ Not a lot of conversation can be had there.” Kemp added that “The story we’re telling in season six is so good…it’s so much better because it is really about the inevitability of choices. It’s about the domino effect and it’s about the things that have happened between Ghost and Tommy and how they are not things that can go back to the way it used to be.” But one thing Power has always made clear: No one is safe.

“We’ve created a template for the show that is non-Hollywood,” 50 Cent told Deadline. “Anyone can go — there’s no one in the show that can’t die.”

And the Power Instagram account may have given some clues to the season’s events with this caption:

What’s happening after Power ends?
If you ask 50 Cent, he’s never letting the show end, according to his Instagram. Kemp, meanwhile, has signed a development and production deal with the network’s parent company Lionsgate Television, which will allow the Power universe to expand into a spinoff — or multiple spinoffs.

The press release from Starz also confirms potential spinoffs:

“Season 6 brings us to the end of what we know is just the first chapter of the Power story. However, as one chapter comes to an end, another will begin,” said Carmi Zlotnik, President of Programming for Starz. “Courtney Kemp and 50 Cent have created a world rich with complex and dynamic characters, and there are a number of stories we plan to tell as we continue to explore and expand the Power universe.”

“We will follow some of your beloved ˆ characters beyond the scope of the initial series,” Kemp added. “But we will play with your expectations of which characters, where, and the master timeline of it all, creating a Power universe as unpredictable as the original.”

And of course, in his typical 50 Cent way, the rapper and entrepreneur said there will be at least “4 spinoffs” on the way.

So while Power as we know it might be coming to an end, we have a feeling this won’t be the last we’ll see of Ghost, Angela, Tommy, and co.

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