Gooddegg Home Décor’s All Weather Outdoor Patio Furniture

Based in Fort Wayne, Indianan, USA, Gooddegg Home Décor online store is the vision of two college friends from different continents coming together after 20 years to set up a socially responsible business. Gooddegg sell affordable all weather outdoor patio wicker & synthetic wood (polylumber) furniture while giving back to nature.

Gooddegg Home Decor plants a tree for every customer’s purchase outdoor wicker or polylumber patio / garden furniture .no matter how big or small. This “Furniture for Trees” initiative has begun to make an impact on the indigenous people of Bangladesh who are being severely affected by climate change.

Gooddegg keeps record of each tree planted with a different family who will be receiving the tree they donated by making a purchase. Gooddegg likes to let all its customers know they are making a difference with each purchase and will display their customers name with their donated tree on their web site and other social media accounts.

Gooddegg sale modern & luxury outdoor patio, garden and home furniture from popular brands like CRB, ZOUK, Highwood & Wildridge. Their CRB brand furniture inspired by memories of vacation at the pacific islands “ISLAND LEISURE AT HOME” series resin wicker furniture and synthetic wood (polylumber) furniture is the designer’s perfect interpretation of relaxation in nature. All furniture designed in this series are created to bring harmony between nature, fashion, comfort, quality and affordability.

Bringing indoor the experience of outdoor life, CRB series furniture are designed for multi-environment set up. Each home has its story reflected by the mood set through selection of furniture; be it on the patio, poolside, Lake Cottage, back yard , garden or inside the house in the living room, family room and basement. The CRB series furniture is your canvas to draw your life story to share and enjoy with friends and family.

All CRB series furniture use carefully selected world’s best raw materials. Redefined traditional and modern technologies are used to create unique light weight and durable furniture advocating nature and environment protection while embodying island leisure in the safety of your home.

Gooddegg’s utmost desire to provide the best service starts the moment any customer comes to their site. They offer real time customer service, exclusive sale campaign, nationwide free & fast shipping & easy payment method and an overall user-friendly experience.