“ Happiness Due To Positivism”

Positive and poor are contrary poles that leads you to be satisfied or sad, contented or complaining, joyful or sorrowful, and exquisite or ugly respectively. We know that contrary attracts but right here the situation is bit specific, those opposites repel each other. Its herbal really regular to have each. However, it relies upon upon us how we address our advantageous angel and terrible demon facet by side on the silk street of existence.

Many a times I even have suffered from negativity in me and round me. More often, the depression and tension around me consumes me greater and triggers my demon which overwhelms the entire state of affairs. Those are the conditions wherein my herbal optimism helped from drowning in sea of feelings. At that times I generally tend to attention greater on nature and get extra close to the splendor of Greens around me.

The lessons of Shawn Achor which I use to apply are Gratitude, Journaling and Exercise.

Writing the feelings and anxiety down on a paper continually worked for me. It helped me to shed all the rotten mind out of my thoughts. Secondly, Swimming is my way to assume clearly. In situations like despair and many others. The greater I stay close to nature the extra I feel correct. So, Water helps me to meditation.

I have devoted this week to practice happiness and named it as “ The No Anger Week”. Major challenge I had to face changed into to cope with my anger issue, which I come what may controlled to conquer with the aid of ignoring the data which made me indignant. The two steps which I observed to hold myself excessive on happiness are Gratitude and Random Act of Kindness.

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