Journey Towards Successful Career

Abdul Sattar Edhi social extremist, parsimonious and helpful. He was the organizer and leader of the Edhi Foundation in Pakistan and ran the association for most of six decades. He was known as Angel of Mercy and was viewed as Pakistan’s “most regarded” and incredible figure.

Journey called life

Reflection of life of Edhi sab ;

Mr. Edhi was not able to start his career immediately.he did numbers of jobs before identification of his career. Mr. Edhi started from street hunting and selling of clothes door to door and after that he became a shopkeeper of a Pan shop. As he is interested in opening of dispensary because he is the person of kind hearted and want to serve humans finally he had peace in working as volunteer at dispensary.After getting experience from several different jobs he finally

After acquired enough experience. He opened a separate dispensary with aim to serve free of cost to people. he remained stuck to his goal although he faced a lot of criticism and negativity of people,disliked him. edhi sab did not care of them and ignore them and gave example to serve humanities with strong hand.

Abdul Sattar Edhi social extremist
I learned lesson from his life is if you really want to do something good and want to get pearls of life never think about hardships and criticism of carry on life journey, no matter it hard or how long.
life is not a bed of roses, life is a bed of thorn

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