Leveraging your network and exploring careers through Informational Interviews

Informational Interview

Basic idea behind this is:

concept behind informational interview
Networking is a Powerful Tool of Researching

Networking doesn’t have to be about luck, but most people I work with treat it that way. Like any marketing endeavor, some simple planning can greatly increase your chances of success. Networking mean connect with people in a positive way

As Sun Tzu famously said, “Most battles are won before they are fought.”

I interviewed my senior , recently passed bachelor of science in textile technology and working in interloop textile limited.I approached her by making call and decide meeting with her.I prepared well myself that what kind of question should ask to her that help me in my future planning.I started preparation from last night of meeting.I was excited to do as I came to know.

I already Know her from university,she is active and kind hearted lady. I kept in mind to keep myself relevant to questions and in seeking information.

i asked her about job experience, quality time, plus points of her job.she replied me in a very happy way that her job experience is quite hard at the start of her job, even she had not find time for oneself,but she stated that as she passionate about job, and determined to do it,even she struggled hard .

she described that she faced all these hard works strongly . this statement of her filled me with extra confident for job’she satisfied with her job.

at the end i stated my goal in future,she was much pleased to hear ,she encourage me and gave me good wishes for future

It found very interesting activity for me. I learned a lot of new things from this activity. i learn how to communicate with professional people.I want to share some of my experience which i get after taking this informal interview. the most important point which i get is that never give up and always try to welcome all the opportunity that will enhance your skills and make you batter and batter. Because he tells his story how i got job and what are the mistake that i did during my interview as well as during job. so these information will be very fruitful for me He also offer me that if you need more help i will meet you with my boss which will provide you brief detail about you career in that field. And at the end i also quot their words that if opportunity doesn’t knock then build a door.


I thanked her for giving me your precious time and make my meeting fruitful

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