Reaching out to HR Professionals to practice Equip and Real

Group:Rabia Yousaf, Hina Altaf and Ayesha Mushtaq

Industry: Interloop limited (HD-1)

HR Professionals: Mr.Mian Tahir and Miss Ghazala

Conversation Type: In Person

I have visited HR professionals. I have come to know some important things which I do not know before that. I interviewed 1 HR Professionals of interloop industry (HD1) and got a bunch of information. I have come to know that every company has its own traditions and culture and so that their interview process is also vary from one company to another. First of all I got appointment for meeting then went to his office for in personal meeting.when I reached there Sir Tahir welcomed me as well as called to Mam Gazzala to assist me. In the meeting these are the following things are discussed:

Questions about equip and Real, their hiring process,resume, cover letter,currently running project, their own life experiences and also did some interesting and funny conversation

Here I just quoted about Questions and their answers.

How important do you think it is to be yourself in an interview?

In the answer of this question he says that these two things equip and real are vital devices for making the judgment about the competitors if a hopeful is legitimately prepared and he is making himself appropriate dressed then it demonstrates that he is energetic about our company or organization and on the off chance that he is real then he is more sure about his words that he is talking.

How do you identify if a candidate is being real or not during the interview?

In the answer of this question the HR Manager tells that on the based on their experience they can judge candidate by their body languages and level of confidence that he is not real and telling what he has in his brain. The primary concern he said is the evaluating the outcomes shows that he is all the more genuine in his story and his eye contact shows that he is real or not.

What suggestions you may have on how to be fully prepared/equipped for an interview?

He provide us the following suggestions that will help us to make our self-equip and real during the interview.

The first thing is be prepared for the interview through the research about the organization and then wear proper dress according to the organization culture and environment and after that be confident and making eye contact with the HR manager and showing your passion through the research and other things like thank you e-mail.

also discussed many questions like that and found very informative answers. It is helpful to prepare for an interview. It is real time views given by the experienced professional and these are very helpful for me in life.After this I send them a Thank You Note and appreciated their time for giving this in person meeting.

So the main take away for being equip and real for me and my fellows

dressing like a pro, research about the company, revise your technical education and most important be confident. Also for being real we must not be pretending to be someone and only focus on the ability and skills that we have….
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