Abdul-sattar-Edhi________ A name of humanitarian

We all are familiar to him and his effort to help others. He dreamed to help others in difficult time despite of small resources. He had less resources but dream big. But what he did to achieve his goal, what he lost and achieve in this journey of progress may be we all are not familiar.

He left his formal education because of his no interests in study. He wanted to know “what he want to do in life.” Once he saw a man lying on a platform outside a shuttered shop. He was wounded and shivered with a high fever. He returned to home and took material for his help a blanket, medicine and some food. On the twenty day he arrived as usual to man but he was no-where to be seen.

After his incident he found his passion for serving others. He said “I would become defensive, it is not in my control to choose where and when ideas come.” He start from small by selling pencils and matchboxes in the street. He hated to fail so despite of small beginnings he never lost his interest. He continued his efforts for the welfare of people and his passion for serving others.

This inspired me as it is a process of self-recognition, self-learning, to be aware of his passion and determine the way from which he can achieve his dream. He started from small beginnings but his passion and hard work help him to achieve his goal. We required this passion in achieving goals. The principal of progress of Edhi shb were his passion, his self-recognition, his hard work.

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