Become genuinely interested in other people

In present era, most pf people having complain regarding to friends that they have not good friends.

But as I read the book of Dale Carnegie “how to win friends and influence” I reached on a conclusion that we are not interested in people. What are the reasons behind it? We all wish that people take interest in ourselves but for everyone himself is more important rather than others.

I learn from this if we want true friends take interest in people. Follow the rule “Become genuinely interested in other people.” Don’t try to impress them by yourself, by telling about your success. Instead of it try to take interest in people and their success, appreciate them, motivated them, and helped them. Take interest by showing your love, care and show them they are important for you and they have impact on your life.

Every example show the kindness for others which show the interest in people. Another way to win the hearts of other are animation and enthusiasm. After reading this I am going to apply this rule in real life by showing kindness, care and love for others.