“Research through Informational Interviews”

Today I call to Mr.” Moazzam Rehman”. Who is working in “Amer Adnan Construction Company”. He is the Account and Finance Manager of this company. When I take Interview from Mr. Moazzam Rehman Asked the Questions which are as follow ;

Where are you currently working?

What’s your position there?

Are you agreeing with this job?

Before this where you work?

What is the culture of the company?

What are your professional strengths?

Why and when do you apply for this job?

What is your greatest professional achieving?

Did you achieve your goals?

Where do you see yourself within five years?

What are the most difficulties that you faced in your job?

How do you deal with stressful situation?

What’s your experience about your job?

what you learned from the call ?I learned from this that You just have hard work you have to choose your own way you have to go straight then you can easily reached your destination. If you have normal stress you have to just patients and give up you have to ignore every thin give concentrate on your work. Long term Goals takes more time so don’t be dishearten carry on your efforts one you will achieve that goal..

If you want to achieving any thing in your life you must be follow four Principle of Progress. You requires very hard working. If you do so Than all successes are yours.