In this article basically I Rabia Siddique being student of Total Quality Management course elaborates about the quality of life which is now changed after studying this course under supervision of Sir Abdul Basit. Before this I never ever think of the quality and I was spending my life blind ended without any purpose and clear destination. But this course explains me the objective clearly from the first class and I thought that I must have to change my life style and have to come out of my comfort zone in order to achieve quality.

Following are the some areas on which I have implemented quality in my daily life.


In order to spend quality life, continuous improvement is the basic thing which I have to implement. And for implementing this I have to come out from the comfort zone. This course enables me to change the way of life and it is now very much advanced as it were before.


After studying TQM course now I am very much familiar about the alignment of all my works which I have to do in order to achieve quality. Like my daily routine is I go to university then after university I give tuitions to student and then I have to give some time to my family. Now after TQM I have align this my daily routine to integrated and aligned way to make the balance in my whole life. This alignment in routine work is only possible after studying quality.


Communication is one of the important thing in which quality must be needed. Before this I was not be able to talk with people in a confident way I used to shy in front of strangers and all that but now I am quite much able to speak in front of anyone and I can easily deliver quality words in front of anyone.


Decision making is one of the important things which should be done in a proper way in everyone’s life. After studying quality now I can easily make decisions after focusing on facts and figures which is not that much good before tqm. and now i access everything on numeric and in quantity terms so that i can easily measure it like my absenteeism rate my marks and all that.


Before TQM i was very much blank about the things which i used to do but now i am very much clear about the things which i do regarding my study and work life. now i can easily create balance in my work life and all this things which i mostly do. this course really helped me a lot in doing right things in a right way.

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