US Open Tennis 2015 Women’s Results in Single’s & Double’s

Aug 19, 2016 · 1 min read

US Open Tennis 2015 Women’s Results in Single’s:Flavia Pennetta was the champion in US open 2015.She won the match against Roberta Vinci who was belongs to Italy.The points are 7–6,7–4, 6–2. Flavia Pennetta is born on 25th Feb. in 1982. And she was belongs to Italy country.Now she is the 1 st rank player in women’s tennis.

She won the women’s singles championship in 2015.She was the worlds no. 1 player in 2013 in women’s championship.She has many titles on her name.She is the professional tennis player form Italy. To know the results of US Open Women’s single visit US Open Tennis Results .

Flavia Pennetta is the woman who hold the Grand slam for ten times.This is the world record and most by any other player.She has many records on her name.For four times she won Australian open tennis tournament.She holds the world no. 1 rank for nearly one and half year.This is the all time record on his name.She had won three consecutive Grand slam matches.

Roberta Vinci is the most popular player in tennis.This professional player belongs to same country as Flavia Pennetta belongs to, italy.Present her rank is seven after the loss of us open 2015.She had most record on her name. She hold the worlds no.1 rank for 2 years which was the all time record.She won Grand slam for 6 times.And she has the worlds no.1 rank in Women’s doubles. To watch US Open Tennis Live Click on US Open Tennis Live.

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