Smartphone and your hand, go hand in hand!

There is no denying that our smartphones are so dear to us. We are spending more time with them than any other thing or person, even our loved ones who do not seem to mind as they have their own smartphones to keep them busy. It seems like the golden rule in today’s relationships is that one does not get in-between us and our smartphones. It might even stretch to the ‘you can look but can not touch’ rule. Yes smartphones are so personal, reason being they literally contain all our personal details, our money, our memories, our friends, our entertainment and more importantly an answer or a solution to whatever question we may have.

Therefore you will surely agree, the smartphone is a very powerful tool or weapon depending on your situation and dropping it does not make any sense. In its simplicity, why would you wait for your train for 15 minutes when you can use at least 10 minutes of that doing something more constructive by planning your journey through your smartphone. In other words, a smartphone allows you to be efficient, safe, productive where ever you are.

However the more we use our smartphones we can not escape from the fact that our humble arms do a mammoth job of holding our smartphones in position. Some people are even getting bigger biceps and triceps as they hold their smartphone for longer periods. Joking aside, we all know by experience the disadvantages of holding the device for long. We do not need researches or academics as such to back up the obvious. It is human nature to reduce effort for a better experience and ideally we would rather keep our arms and hands free rather than supporting our smartphones.

Even if there is a very good reason to support your smartphone, sometimes physically it can be too demanding. Whichever reason you may have, there are alternative ways of support nowadays. You will agree if there is an accessible surface, you will probably rest your device or even rest the supporting hand on it, so be it on a table or on your lap. The problem is that the position of the smartphone is directly related to the comfort of your arms and as your hands moves the smartphone away from your eyes, it’s the eyes that need to get to the smartphone. This new posture can put stress of your back as well as neck.

Why can’t we just hold the smartphone at an ideal position in most situations? Well don’t get me wrong,i am not taking about situations when you remove your smartphone from your pocket every minute and put it back, or just checking notifications or using it to make a call. I am talking about situations where you hold the smartphone in a specific position for while. Five minutes can be a ‘while’ because that is what I told my wife that other day when i got to our date five minutes early, ‘you know i have been waiting for you for a while’. But while your ‘while’ may be different from mine, the point I am trying to make is that if there is a product that can hold your smartphone even for that while, this will take the pressure off your upper arms, forearms, wrists and hands. The only non beneficiary in this will be the fingers as they are vital to pass the instructions to the smartphone. However it is not as bad as the energy saved from the other relaxed body parts can be transferred to the fingers and anyhow their job will be that of touch screen/button only without the need of gripping of the smartphone on the hand palm.

The smartphone evolution has occurred so naturally that we have embraced the hassle of holding the device as normal. But holding your smartphone should not be a job as in ‘no pain no gain’, there should be less pain and more gain. That’s why i asked myself ‘why do i need to hold my phone all the time?’ So I thought may be something else might hold it for me. Well there are many products to hold your smartphone but all are made to work in relation to something else i.e there is no point your have a car mount holder if you are in the park (a normal one not a car park) or having a desk clamp holder when you are on the train. Basically all holders if not most, are designed to be used in specific places and in specific situations. For the amount of work your arms do and the importance of being hooked up with smartphone being so great, I think we should be doing more to help out our poor arms. There should be something out there that can help us in almost every place and situation, because we use our smartphones in almost every place and situation.

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