Getting to know me… better

So, hello there, I am Xyrelle May Rapisura Rabino, from Lubong, San Vicente, Ilocos Sur. 20 years of age and an incoming graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy this coming 2018 in Northwestern University.

That were the most basic things about me. If you wanted to know me better, then go further.

This is a picture of mine when I was six years old, I think (if my memory serves me right). This was taken during the photoshoot of my aunt’s graduation picture. I am usually dress up like a boy when I was younger because my dad doesn’t know obviously how to dress a little girl. It’s pretty fine though.

This is my family. I grew up in a family of 2 children. I basically grew up in the care of my relatives because my dad passed away when I was only seven years old and my mom decided to work abroad since then.

This is the picture of my dad, in case you are wondering. A lot of people were really saying that I really did look like him.

And this is the picture of my mom. She’s been working in abroad for quite some time now for her to give us all that we needed. I hope someday, I will also give her the retirement that she truly deserves.

She is my sister. She is two years ahead of me and she really looks like my mom. She already graduated in Hotel and Restaurant Management and on the verge of looking out for a job right now.

After knowing my family, it’s now time to get to know my relatives. They are actually the people of whom I grew up with and spend most of my childhood up until right now.

In the picture is my grandfather and a second cousin of mine. He used to drive me to school and fetch me after every single day when I was in elementary. He loves me so dearly. I know that for sure and he used to spoil me a lot before as I had been regarded as his favorite apo.

This is our family picture during our celebration of the Father’s Day 2017. Everyone was around and it really is so much fun seeing everyone enjoying themselves and coping up with everyone’s life.

We had a boodle fight during the Father’s Day celebration. Preparing the food was really fun because we had eaten in the banana leaves using only our bare hands. Something that is very unusual and traditional at the same time. Cheers to good old times though.

In the photo is my grandfather and all the siblings of my dad together with my youngest cousin. Every single one has special place in my heart because when I lose my dad 12 years ago, they never failed to make me feel how they love me. Every single one of them became my dad right after he left so I never grew up wondering how it would feel like to have a dad around because they’ve always been there for me.

One of our family bonding is actually eating outside. The next couple of photos is our family eating outside. A very long table is usually set up when we eat outside because ours is really a big family.

This was taken when our family decided to take a tour on Ilocos Norte. Our aunt went home from Rome and she oh-so-generously paid for the bill. The perks of being with a balikbayan, I guess.

This was taken during the birthday of my second cousin, Lawrence. We decided to just eat outside instead of preparing a party for it because it is more convenient for all of us to just meet outside and eat all together rather than preparing all the foods and running through errands.

Our family loved also making gala everywhere. These are some of our photos enjoying and discovering different places together especially on beaches. We used this escapade sometimes to relieve ourselves from all the works during weekdays.

This is during our Ilocos Norte escapade. We stopped shortly in Robinson’s Place to eat and buy some stuffs and haphazardly took a photo with no good background at all. Just for the sake of taking photos all together, I think.

We also liked spending most our free time on the beach. We were just a couple of kilometers away from Sta. Catalina beach and so, we always bond on swimming during early morning and late afternoon on the beach to witness its sunrise and sunsets.

When we go to beaches, we usually eat there as well. This is a photo of us waiting for them to come out of the water to eat. Nothing is more relaxing than eating in front of the sea.

When I was in elementary, I was crowned as the Queen of Hearts during one of our Recognition Days. It was so much fun and truly an event to remember and be cherished for the rest of my life. I was just too glad that my parents generously provided the money to for me to be hailed as one.

In our house, we own three dogs. Everyone one of us really loves dogs. They all play a special pace in our hearts. They really are so cute to play with when everyone was bored. Not to mention their cuteness. They are indeed a doze of fur-ball of happiness.

This is the very first dog that we own. He was just 4 month old this time, I think. He’s name is wacky. He has a white and black fur but the black fur is only on the head. He really is so cute.

Next is Chausy. He is two years old now and she is the favorited dog of both my grandparents especially to my late grandmother. This is a photo of him when my grandmother passed away last year. This was taken when she passed away and Chausy really cried during this time. Tears were still in her eyes in this picture.

This is our third dog, we just got him about 6 months ago. He’s name is Mucho. Unlike the other two, Mucho is far more carefree and a little bit naughty sometimes. He loves to always play with me. He surely is a good stress reliever.

This is a photo of the wake of my grandmother. Chausy was beside her guarding her for one last time. She just passed away a year ago and it truly is a great challenge for our family, but then we manage to get back on track and cherish those moments that we had when she was still here. She truly is amazing and she will forever be forever be remembered for the rest of our lives.


Life is something that is too worthwhile. It is something that we should be grateful for, for the rest of our lives. It is given to us by the Creator and out of millions that might be given a life, you were the chosen one.

Circumstances made one's personality into something that further affects our view with life. What is disturbing however is that other people often let their circumstances define their course of life. We should not confuse the meaning of life based on what we experience on this world. We should fix our eyes, rather on the things that truly matter --- Unseen things that will bring happiness to you and your Father.


Growing up, I'ved always had everything planned out down to the very last detail. From the bucket list of things I want to do, places I want to travel, things I want to try, adventures I want to take, and the profession that I want to grow with.

Now, that I'm older, I want to still do all those things that I had planned out. I still wanted to be a CPA, to work in a corporate setting, to widen my horizons, but this time, I will allow God to have a say as well on the person that I wished to become someday. I'ved learned to understand that, as time goes by, there will be dreams that will be unfulfilled, adventures not taken, things that will not be finished, and such. Hearts will be broken, tears will be shed, frustrations will arise but I will make sure that along side with all those things that happened, I will forever be true and remain with my faith with God.

Regarding with my dreams with my family, of course it will always and forever be a dream of a child to provide and return the goodness of their parents. Right after, graduating, I will focus on giving the retirement that my mom truly deserves. She may not ask for it, or even want it, but it will always be a fulfillment on our part to provide for them.