Being the artist you actually are!

How many of us have loved arts and crafts but have never got any time to try our hands on something that we have been wanting to for quite a long time? How many of us practiced arts and crafts earlier, but have given up now due to family constraints? How many of us have refrained spending more time on arts and crafts just because we feel we do not gain any monetary benefits out of it? There would be hundreds and thousands of people, like you and me, who would have a sea of creativity, deep inside them but never bothered to unleash it. There would be ample of people for whom the monetary benefits that we get by doing 9–7 jobs matter than what we get out of spending some productive time creating a masterpiece of art.

Many people think that arts and crafts are just a mere time pass. However, if you really have the passion in you, if you really possess the creativity in you, you could make your career in it. You could actually make a zillion out of it. You might not be aware of artists who have created empires by just following their passion and by just doing what they loved. It is not always about the commercial benefits that you fetch out of your work, it is also about the contentment and the satisfaction you feel after finishing a task.

No matter what, there would be hurdles all your ways. People would mock at you. But don’t be afraid to be the real artist you actually are from your heart. You might fail at times. You might not get the exact results you had thought of, but never give up. Keep trying. Keep making new things. You will end up loving your work, with more creativity and productivity, and with a happy and a content life.

Follow your heart and be an artist!