Ramp Financial (seed)

Bungalow (series B)

Ghost (series B)

WanderJaunt (series B)

Faire (series D)

TheOrg (series A)

Workstream (series A)

Trade Republic (series B)

Primer (seed)

RunTheWorld (series A)

Virtual Kitchen (series B)

Investments led @ Khosla Ventures

Opendoor (seed)

Affirm (Series A)

Thoughtspot (Series B)

DoorDash (seed)

Forward Health (Series A)

HealthTap (Series B)

Piazza (Series B)

Teespring (Series B)

Kiddom (seed)

Webflow (seed) w Ben Ling

Faire (seed)

Scribd (Series C)

Homebase (Series A)

Quartzy (seed)

Avametric (seed)

Medisas (Series A)

Go Insurance (seed)

SFox (seed)

Chain (series A)

WanderJaunt (seed)

Even (seed)

MTailor (seed)

Judicata (Series A)

Gobble (Series B)

Ever. AI (seed)

Olive (Series A)

BitWise (seed)

Cue Calendar (seed)

Eight Sleep (Series B)

Truework (seed)

[unannounced education series A]

At Bay (Series A)

Bungalow (Series A)

Jetty (Series B)

[unannounced health/data seed]

Ghost (Series A)

other major investments: Stripe (series C), Lattice (seed), Tile (series A), Ellevest (Series A), Anchorage (series A), Checkr (seed), Upstart (seed) w David Weiden

I am often asked by entrepreneurs for my list of the best books to read. Over the years, I have responded via email, on Quora, and on Twitter, but now collate them in one place. Italics highlights books that are most highly recommended.

History of Silicon Valley:

Swimming Across: A…

Keith Rabois

entrepreneur, investor, contrarian

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