The Art of Persuasion

Rhetoric is the ability to persuade others to follow your lead, using words and expressions, without imposing it by force.

When someone is able to make strange people to follow or act according with his/her thoughts it is easy to conclude that this person has a very good rhetorical ability. This ability is not something that you will learn quick and easy at school, it demands tough studies and long practices. The students must identify how written and oral language can affect its audience in his intended way, and apply the concepts to achieve the best results. The art of persuasion trough speech and writing is a wonderful tool if a person has good moral and ethics. Furthermore, this person probably will make part of a select group of people that will cause a good impact in our society.

In the world that we live today, it is very common to see people fighting to each other because they cannot talk their issues over, or they cannot solve the problems in a pacific manner because people that are designed for the communication process are not well prepared, or don’t have the skills needed to solve society’s problems; what we need to solve our society’s matters are people who dominate the rhetoric in all phases, we need people that have the art or talent to adapt the discourse getting the best results on its resolutions. Good rhetoric allied to good discourse will clarify the understandings, will please the mind’s eye, will move the desire and affect the will.

Rhetoric is used in all society’s segments, from politicians who wants to convince you that their point of view is the best options for the country and you should vote for them in order to have a better future as a citizen; for priest and pastor in general who wants to convert you and make you to be part of their institutions, so the heaven will be your destination; for students who wants to prove for their professors that their arguments have a valuable thesis and remarkable development, so it should receive an awesome grade; for professors and educators in general that want their students to study hard and have the best results as possible, so the students future will be bright; and for you a simple human being that wants to persuade your old friend, or a family member to agree with you that the New England Patriots is a much better football team than the New York Giants(which I think it is), so you will be celebrating titles almost every year.

As the American theorist Kenneth Burke said: “The most characteristic concern of rhetoric [is] the manipulation of men’s beliefs for political ends….the basic function of rhetoric [is] the use of words by human agents to form attitudes or to induce actions in other human agents.”

Our future depends on good ways of communication and on people that have great ability to discuss all kinds of matters, and most important of all, our future depends on people that use ethical values to solve our differences, without the need to use force to solve all our problems.

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