Weaponry Is An Antiquated Notion

I think we can all agree that our love affair with the handgun needs to be addressed. It’s powerful, sexy and dangerous. Fun to shoot and commands immediate respect. All things that a red-blooded American would jump all over, but at what cost?

Last year, 13,286 Americans lost their lives due to guns, in this country, while less than 2,500 have lost their lives during the entire war in Afghanistan. This recent massacre in Orlando just Ups the ante as to what we’ll tolerate as a nation, so I guess there will be a lot more to come… Oh well. What can I do?

As a world power that still has unmatched resources, we need to look in the mirror. We may be a young country, but if we want to remain in control, we should probably sort out some stuff.

We are a racist country that lives in fear of each other, and with our statistics, no one can be blamed. We are a scary group of people that are armed and mostly medicated.

It was no coincidence that the Colt 45 was brought to market as slaves gained freedom. Those poor white families needed to protect themselves against those dangerous black men that were surely coming for them.

Every time there’s a new massacre, gun sales skyrocket, because even gun enthusiasts realize this has probably gone too far, this time, and the government will start banning sales. But, NO! More and more guns are bought, and out there, and wind up, all too often, “accidentally” in the wrong hands. Or, we intentionally ship them to the Middle East, because we’re so good at choosing war partners.

I’M SO SICK OF THIS!!! I didn’t sign up for any of it, and I know it’s time to challenge the 2nd Amendment. Who’s with me?!

Weaponry is an antiquated notion that we must move beyond. We have too many other important global issues to worry about that should take priority, but how many more massacres should we tolerate before solving this American entitlement?

It’s going to take a majority to not only agree, but act in battling forces like the NRA. Why is a gun club empowered to direct laws that affect so many lives? We live in the most dangerous, well developed nation because of guns, but it doesn’t have to stay that way. By looking at how older cultures have handled this balance between personal freedoms and the welfare of its citizens, we can learn a lot. There are several different models, some more successful than others, but the bottom line is simple.

Gun violence costs American tax payers more than $200 billion every year. Money that could be used on infrastructure projects to provide the minimum basic requirements of existence. Besides all of the crumbling roads, bridges, and levees that need repair, we need clean water without lead, air without toxic pollutants, and clean food.

If we replaced all of those blood-sucking payroll advance type stores, that litter every corner of Everytown, USA with a GUN BUY-BACK shop, where you can turn in a gun and get cash right then and there, we can make a difference. A lot of guns would voluntarily come off the streets, putting cash in the pockets of the people that may have used the gun to get cash. It’s a win-win!

With incinerators on site at the buy-back shops, we would eventually pare down supplies. But first, we have to end the manufacturing of handguns.

NO MORE NEW HANDGUNS! There are more than enough out there. We don’t have to put the manufacturers out of business, but with an option to do something productive, like machining tools to be used in infrastructure projects.

This can be a time of incredible creation or a numbing continuation of destruction. It’s up to all of us. What do you think?