Treasure Hunter: uncharted lands

Treasure Hunter — the first mobile game with SWIPE4 gameplay is already in the App Store!

Who needs match3? We have swipe4!

Raccoon Games is happy to announce that “Treasure Hunter: uncharted lands” is already available in the App Store. The game introduces a whole new gameplay based on swipe4 mechanics, nothing like you have ever seen before. The game is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods that runs iOS 7 or higher. And it’s free.

“Treasure Hunter: uncharted lands” is a fabulous game with vivid graphics, it’s own storyline and a brand new gameplay. Join Firo, the coolest and most adventurous raccoon on the globe, in his breathtaking journey through many worlds from Eldorado to Aztecs and find all treasures.

New mechanics “swipe4” requires your concentration, speed and attention to pass all levels, but the journey promises to be thrilling with lots of amusements. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

Key features:

* brand new mechanics and gameplay

* vivid graphics and finger-tapping music

* story mode through 90 levels in 3 breathtaking worlds

* classic mode to master your skills

* real treasures to collect

* perks and bonuses

* leaderboard

“It’s like that popular game with bubbles, but a way different!” — Ann. Tell us if it’s not!

“Treasure Hunter: uncharted lands” is all about adventures, treasures and mysteries. Prepare to have tons of fun!

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Official Trailer

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Raccoon Games is a team of indie developers and creative people united by common values and goals. Gathered to build great mobile games giving the world simple yet the most precious emotions — fun and joy. And one more thing… We all love raccoons.