How to bed brake pads and rotors?

After purchasing good quality rotors and pads, you need to bed them. Proper bedding increases the life of these two parts and ensures the best performance. Also, the rotors become resistant to thermal cracking with bedding.

Brake beds

To warm up the pads, perform various near stops after reaching the track. It usually takes one or two laps. A thin layer of the pad material transfers into the rotor’s micro-grooves during this process.

This is followed by a series of hard near stops till the time you feel brake fade. The process takes two to four laps. After this process, bring the car to paddock/pit to completely cool and stay off the brakes. Avoid locking the tires throughout the operation.

Let brake pads cool down to surrounding temperature. The overall time taken for bedding is in the range of 10 to 15 minutes or five-six laps. To get the best results, you must bed the brake pads only on the race track instead of a street.

If you don’t bed your pads properly, it may result in increased friction leading to poor performance of pad and decreased pad life. Improper bedding also results in overheating, which decreases the ability of brakes to stop or slow down the car.


Just like pads, rotors (or discs) must be bedded in for improving the performance. Use brake cleaner and clean wipes to thoroughly clean discs before installing them. Make sure surface residue, grease, and debris are removed during the cleaning process. You can start the bedding process after installing the rotor.

Begin with near stops for first one-two laps. You must gradually increase brake force and speed with every stop. This is followed by one or two laps at normal speed and subsequently a cool down lap. The gray coloration is due to deposition of the transfer layer of material into the disc’s micro-grooves. If you notice this color, it means your rotor is ready to deliver the best performance. Let rotor cool down to surrounding temperature.

Avoid dragging your brakes, which means you shouldn’t continuously apply pressure on the brake pedal while driving around the brake.

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