Configuring a Cerevo LiveShell for use with

The instructions for configuring a Cerevo Liveshell that come with the product leave a bit to be desired. Below is a step by step to walk you through the Initial configuration, Wifi configuration and explain the options in the custom resolution/bitrate/quality settings.

Cerevo LiveShell.2

Initial LiveShell Setup

  1. Register for a LiveShell Web Console account at
  2. From the LiveShell web console and click Settings, then Choose “Add New LiveShell” which will be in the top right of the Settings PopUp.
  3. Choose the type of LiveShell you are setting up (we recommend the LiveShell.2 or LiveShell X)
  4. Select the broadcasting service as “Other broadcasting services (specify RTMP URL)
  5. Enter the Broadcasting RTMP URL, Stream and Browsing RTMP URL for your account. Your account specific information can be found at:
  6. The RTMP Username and Password isn’t available to enter on this screen for some (odd) reason, you’ll do that in step 17 below.
  7. Choose an internet connection, for now choose Ethernet. We will come back and configure the Wifi network in a moment.
  8. Now it is time to turn on your LiveShell and sync it with your Console
  9. Plug USB power into your LiveShell
  10. Plug hardwired Ethernet into your LiveShell
  11. Power on your LiveShell by pressing and holding the power button (top left)
  12. Choose your language (English)
  13. Wait for the LiveShell to connect to Ethernet and display a 4 digit PIN #
  14. Enter the 4 digit PIN # displayed on the screen of your LiveShell.
  15. The 4 digit PIN # seems to only be valid for a few minutes so if your LiveShell has been turned on for more than a few minutes you may need to power it off and back on to get a fresh PIN #.
  16. Your Console should not be sync’ed with your LiveShell
  17. In the Console, choose Settings, (default tab Streaming setting) and click Edit (bottom right of the pop up).
  18. Check the box Use RTMP authentication and enter your RTMP username and password for your account that is again found at:
  19. Click “Save and Set As Default”
  20. You can now test your ability to broadcast by clicking “Start Live”
  21. Your live feed will show in the flowplayer on the Console and also on your profile page

Connecting a LiveShell to Wifi

  1. The easiest way to connect your LiveShell to a network is by using the Liveshell front console.
  2. From the console push the “Wrench Icon” (top right) to go into the LiveShell configuration
  3. Then select Configuration Network by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button (top right)
  4. Then scroll right once (bottom right)
  5. Then select “Wifi New” by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button
  6. Then select “ESSID” by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button
  7. and “Scan” by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button
  8. After about 10 seconds you’ll be able to scroll through the list of available Wifi networks the LiveShell found during its scan using the bottom left and bottom right buttons (arrows).
  9. Scroll right/left until you find the Wifi network you want to connect to, then select it by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button.
  10. One you have selected the Wifi network you want to connect to, press the right arrow once, then select Password by pressing the “Pointer Finger” button.
  11. Entering the Wifi password is done ultra-old school by scrolling through upper and lower case letters, then numbers & symbols.
  12. First Press the “Point Finger” button twice until + and - icons display on the screen.
  13. Using + and - buttons select the first character of your Wifi Password and press the “Pointer Finger” button to advance to the next character in your Wifi password. Continue this until the password has been completely typed out on the screen. [NOTE: Wifi passwords are case sensative]
  14. Once you finish typing out your Wifi password, hit the back button twice to exit the Password entry screen.
  15. Continue to hit the back button until you are back to the home screen of the Liveshell.
  16. You can force the Liveshell to connect to the newly configured wifi network and begin broadcasting by clicking the “Cell Tower / Broadcast / Start” button.
  17. Once you press the “Cell Tower / Broadcast / Start” button you will see the liveshell initialize the Wifi Dongle, Connect to the Wifi network, Sync with the Dashboard and being broadcasting.
  18. The LiveShell USB Wifi dongle supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi. However, if your network or hotspot supports 5Ghz, 5Ghz is preferable over 2.4Ghz because there is significantly less network interference / noise in the 5Ghz band.

Configuring the Various LiveShell Broadcast Settings

  1. TBD — will finish drafting this portion soon