A Journey of Purpose, Stamina and Discovery

Why do people run? To get healthy? Build stamina? For a cause close to your heart? Pushing yourself to your limits? There can be numerous reasons and for Jared Goldman it is curiosity, love for running and helping others. His curiosity for his family and background has inspired the challenge of running 250km through Belarus while raising money for the manufacturing of a specialised wheelchair partnered with the charity, Wings of Angels.

“I always felt like I belonged somewhere else. So I guess I am always on the search for where I belong”

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Credits: Clemens Fetissow (@clemens_fe)

Jared’s inquisitiveness started from a young age as he wanted to travel the world and leave his hometown St Louis, Missouri. Jared felt a disconnect between the place he was born and the sense of belonging. St Louis was his place of birth but not his home, and he was in search of where and what that home was. Jared stated that “I always felt like I belonged somewhere else. So I guess I am always on the search for where I belong”. After graduating high school and then working on a private luxury train in the USA he thought that it was time to leave the US and discover what else was out there.

“I have had this appetite for cultures since I was growing up”

Jared flew across the Atlantic Ocean landed in Europe, and has now lived in Berlin for almost 20 years; within that time he worked as a bar and restaurant manager. It was his time in Berlin that he began to run; however, there was a lack of separation between the sport and the drinking culture that his job entailed. Four years ago, Jared gave up both drinking alcohol and smoking, and instead put his focus into running and working out and in general just having a more healthy, active lifestyle. Jared has now run thousands of kilometers since changing his lifestyle; he has competed in the Berlin Marathon and is ready to tackle the unsupported route that Belarus has to offer.

Jared starts his journey in Minsk, with unlimited intrigue of his family and ancestors, and aims to run between 30–40km a day until he reaches Kažan-Haradok, the town where his great grandfather and great-great grandfather were born. A film crew decided to follow his expedition through Belarus both the physical side of the run and the emotional endeavour of learning about his background and finding some answers to the questions that he’s had his whole life. However, the central archives at the National Historical Archives of Belarus might not have all the answers but when Jared arrives to Belarus hopefully more answers will be uncovered.

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Credits: Sandra Wickert (@tracksandthecity)

Another layer to his challenge is Jared’s chosen partnership as he begins this sporting challenge. His chosen charity is Wings of Angels who primarily work with children. They are committed to encouraging a healthy lifestyle and making the benefits that sports create accessible to everyone. The charity was founded by Dimitry Timashkov who is the father of Lily. Dimitry’s daughter was diagnosed with ICP, a form of cerebral palsy. Dimitry saw the benefits that sport brought to Lily’s life and they both began to engage in an active lifestyle; together they have already participated in the Minsk Half Marathon. Jared, in partnership with Circus Hotel, will be partaking in several events to help raise 3,600€ for a specialised wheelchair that helps handicapped children be part of sporting events as this chair has the ability to go both on and off road.

If you would like to donate or read more about Wings of Angels, head to their site.

Jared sets off on Saturday, 10th August 2019, with the purpose of raising awareness and funds for Wings of Angels, his passion for the sport of running, and discovering the roots of his family.

You can follow Jared’s journey on his Strava profile.

For photos of his expedition, head to his Instagram profile

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