A few thoughts about selfie sticks

In August Inquisitr reported about some injuries caused by selfie sticks — it’s not a question that this tool can be a dangerous one if you don’t take care of yourself and others while using it. It’s also without doubt a very helpful item if you are someone who wants the best photos possible even if it’s not a selfie „just” an amazing landscape of a breathtaking scenery.

It’s a fact that many places banned selfie sticks because of the injuries they caused so it’s very important to use yours wisely to avoid any painful experiences. We are not in a position to ban them and we never would do such a thing, so here are some advices you sould consider instead:

  1. SAFETY COMES FIRST! Never use your selfie stick while you are driving or doing anything else that needs your undivided attention!
  2. Always be aware of others around you when you are using your selfie stick! It’s not a deathly thing to hit someone with it, but it still can be very painful. Don’t hurt others while taking the selfie of your life!
  3. Follow the rules even if you really don’t like them — most of the places that banned selfie sticks has a very good reason to do so, don’t try to be the hero of the day by avoiding them. Those rules are for your own safety too!
  4. Take into consideration all possible angles when having the idea to take a selfie in the lap of mother nature: according to slashgear.com’s article the first incident in which a selfie stick was involved in a „death by lightning” happened just earlier this year in Powys, Mid Wales.