Looking forward…

2016 is going on, we already had a collection of our favorite selfies of the Golden Globe, and it’s about time to share some plans - good news is that most of them are on their way at the moment!

But before that, let’s look back a little to 2015 - the year in which RaceMyFace took its first steps. After the first contests more and more of you came to see what this is all about and now we have some numbers we are proud of:

  • we have 409 finished contest (on the last day of 2015 this number was 356)
  • this means a total of more than $16.000 of prizes
  • there are almos 88.000 photos in our system
  • the number of RaceMyFace users is above 11.000

And now about our plans for 2016! We are about to continue what we started - theme based selfie contests with more and more interesting and complicated challenges, as most of our users seem to be up for it… If we think of our contests as questions we can say that we receive brilliant answers every day so why not raise the stakes? :) Boys’ races will be available more often and we will have some contests open for both gender.

But not only contests will improve - so does RaceMyFace’s basics. We have been working on some social functions as well; very soon you will be able not only to vote but to check each other’s profiles and like and comment on the selfies too. There will be some new ways to get extra boosts for free besides getting into the top10 or picked by the staff and become a Daily Pick.

This blog is about to get more serious too, with interesting news about all aspects of selfies, and sometimes other things too. Of course we will try to find a way to add a little bit of the selfie spirit to whatever we share here but we will give you more engaging content even if it has nothing to do with selfies — sometimes. But we will basically be about selfies. Promise!