Spread the word: RaceMyFace for Android is here!

The day on which all Android users in the US can join their friends in the contests of RaceMyFace is finally here! :)

All of them can enter our contests from now on! :)

During the first months of the iOS version we received many feedbacks and ideas, and a lot of questions about the possibility of the app coming to the Play Store. We had a lot of contests based on our users’ feedbacks which was an immediate answer to your ideas but in the background we started to work on a bigger project: the android version which makes it possible to an even more numerous crowd to enter our contestst, and maybe become a winner!

If you have a friend who has an Android smartphone: spread the word and have even more fun by running up against selfies of friends while voting in the app

As it’s almost the end of the year with festive season, family events and getting together with your friends: what can be better than sharing the joy of winning? :)

Download the app now!