Things you should know about moderation

We have a lot of job with moderation — that’s not a complaint just a fact. Many times we see contest entries that has nothing to do with the contest theme or RaceMyFace at all. We work very hard so that you don’t see these entries while voting, but if you do, please help us by reporting it!*

First we should clear the definition of selfie: it is a photo taken by yourself of yourself. Of course the timer functions make it possible to take a photo of yourself without actually holding the camera but selfies in which voters can see the contestants holding their phones (or using a selfie stick) seem to make it to the Top10 more often than the ones that are just possibly selfies.

Rule #1. We need to see your face! Every entry that doesn’t show a recognizable face will be moderated, no matter if it was taken by you with a timer function, or by someone else.​ This means no landscapes either. ;)


  • “Selfie showing your jewelry” contest: we had a lot of entries in which were only hands with rings, or close photos of someone’s earring. As there was no recognizable face in these photos, they had to be deleted from the contest.
  • “Girls in summer” contest: we had many entries without faces in this contest too.
Left: looking at this photo from “Summer girls” contest we totally get the feeling — but without a face, this is a photo we have to moderate. Right: lovely colors, but it doesn’t show a face either...

Rule #2. According to our actual terms & conditions no babies alone are allowed in our races! No mater how cute they are, and how much our hearts brake when doing it, we will delete every contest entry that shows minors without at least one adult accompanying them. It’s possible that we will have races expressly for babies but until then the rule above stands.

They are adorable, but please don’t enter to our races with photos like this — they will be moderated.

Rule #3 . Nudity and any kinds of offensive photos are strictly forbidden! This is mostly based on the guidelines of Apple’s App Store — and on the fact that we have users from the age of 13 and we want to protect them from any kind of insults.

Rule #4. The entry must match the contest theme! In some cases there are a wider limit to what counts as matching, but there are contests in which the rules are stricter.


  • “Your face in black & white” contest: color photos will be deleted from the contest immediately. If someone enters with a b&w full body selfie, we won’t moderate but it’s likely that the adherence score will be lower if it makes it to the top10.
An entry from the “Your face in black & white” contest. A great selfie actually, but it doesn’t match the contest theme so it had to be moderated.
  • “Selfie in a car” vs “Selfie with a car” contest: it’s not all the same if you are IN a car or WITH a car! :)
  • “Classmates selfie” contest: users should enter the race with a selfie that shows other people — in this case their classmates — besides them. This means that every entry (no matter if it’s a selfie or not) will be deleted in which there is only one person. Of course this stands for all other contests in which it’s supposed to be a race between selfies that show other people besides the contestant.
Perfect entry tothe “Selfie with pet” contest, but not so much to the “Classmates selfie” one… :)

Please check the contest theme carefully and choose your photo to entry based on the actual theme of the contest!

Rule #5. Gender issues: most of our contests are either for boys or girls. If your boyfriend takes a great selfie using your phone, please don’t enter with it to a race for girls because it will be moderated. Ask him to create an own account instead and start using RaceMyFace for his own entertainment! :)

So, what is going to happen if we moderate a contest entry? Most importantly the user will be out of the contest, but they get a notification so they will have time to enter with a different selfie. This way you won’t face the challenge to pick from two totally unfit photos and everyone have the chance to enter the contests with a theme matching selfie that meets all other requirements.

May the best win! ;)

*How to report: push long the photo you want to report. A report button will appear at the bottom of your screen, tap it if you want to report — if you changed your mind, tap cancel. Attention: this only works when the photo is not opened.