Race Night? — Fund raising ideas

If a fundraising issue has been keeping you awake, a charity race night might be the most effective remedy to restore your peace of mind. Recorded under the Lotteries and Amusement Act of 1976, race nights are absolutely legal and are an excellent means of raising fund for your charity, club or society. They also serve the purpose of building up a team spirit by bringing in all the club members together for a warm, enjoyable evening. All the races are on a film and can be easily projected onto a screen at your nearest church hall, social club or community center. So you do not have to worry about booking a race course either. With just a bit of pre-planning and preparation you can be quite sure of making your race night a grand success.

Before moving on to the big day let us get familiar with the people who work at various levels to make the most out of the event.

Event Manager-After you fix a date, this person sorts out a suitable venue and a projector for viewing the race. He tries to find a place with a bar .Because if your race night can bring in some extra customers to the bar there is every chance that you may even get venue absolutely for free.

Marketing Manager-This person advertises your event and pulls in as many punters as possible. From time to time he keeps on reminding them about the date giving them no chance to miss it.

Promotion Manager-This person gets in touch with the local companies in order to get some sponsorship for your race.

Tote Ticket Sellers and Pay out Clerks-These people persuade the punters to buy the tickets and help in giving away the prize money to the winners.

Master of Ceremonies-He informs the punters and the audiences about the updates of the receover the microphone.

Technical Manager –He looks after the projector and the microphone.

The other people needed for running the event are the doormen, bar staffs, set-up staffs and cleaning staffs.

Our company which organises events can provide you with the most efficient and professional people mentioned above. We also guarantee to be half the price of any other USA race night provider. You can either book your race night on our online page or you can even contact our call centre which is open from 7am-7pm. Our latest attraction is the Easy Tote system .This will enable you to work out the betting system with absolute ease and comfort.On receiving the race night package , do not forget to download it and check if it works properly.


Normally 6 to 8 races are run on a day, each lasting for 5 minutes. At the beginning of event the MC announces the names of the horses, price of the tickets and checks if everyone has a programme schedule .He informs the punters about the favourites and the outsiders so that there are further bets and naturally a bigger pay-out. To give a ‘live’ feel to the event he updates the audience about the ‘going’ of the race night from time to time.

Tickets are sold from the tote before the race .Make sure the tote ticket sellers and the pay-out clerks are sitting in a well lit area visible to everyone .And yes, don’t forget to keep them stuffed with a plenty of change for the float .The betting is usually closed after 5 minutes and the race run on the projector.After the results are declared, the winner collects the prize from the tote .It is wise to keep an interval of 10 to 20 minutes between each race to avoid confusion and boost bar sales.

How our Tote system reduces the stress of running the tote on your event

· With the point and click technology you can process and know the Betting system instantly.

· With the Precise Tote Ledger you can know instantly and exactly how much profit has been made.

· Sort out the winning tickets and calculate instantly the amount needed to pay the winner.

· Pay-outs are rounded to the nearest 10P.

· It’s simple and easy to use.


Double Card-Available from the download section, it advertises your event and encourages your customers to turn up and get involved in the big day.

Tri-cast Card-Very similar to the double card only your horse has to come first,second or third to be the winner.


Winner from Loser-A last draw is made with the losing tickets.8 tickets are picked up of the box .The names written on the tickets are announced. The race is run and the winner declared.

Horse Auction-During the 4th and last round an auction is held with a couple of horses. An amount of 25% is deducted by your organisation after the auction is complete .The race is then run and the winner declared.

The Raffle Race-Here 8 tickets are drawn out from the ones bought by the audience for a ‘Star Prize’ and awarded a horse.The owner of the winning horse receives the prize.


Approaching local businesses like shops, pubs or a restaurant for sponsorship.

Selling your race night programmes to bring in some revenue.

After the tote is closed, 8 people are welcome to buy the horse from the MC for £1 each. The winner gets £5 and £3 is kept for the funds.

Promoting raffles and tombolas in between can contribute to both entertainment and profit.

Often pubs are arranged for race nights just to boost bar sales.

So, organising a race night is very easy as you can see. Please let us know if you have any queries.

By this time you must have gathered a fair idea about running a race night and fund raising .If you have any other suggestions, you are most welcome to drop in a mail .We would be happy to hear from you.